“I am thrilled to be collaborating with SodaStream on the Sparkling Gourmet line. This partnership gives me the chance to share my flavor memories of herbs, flowers and fruits. To be creative in the medium of sparkling water is a unique and exciting opportunity, as water is the basis from which all flavors originate.” - Paul Liebrandt, Chef and Partner at The Elm

SODASTREAM experience in the orange inspired room. Photo courtesy of Ken Goodman.

New York Chef Paul Liebrandt X SODASTREAM experience at

The Gramercy Park Hotel Rooftop

For more information about SodaStream go to http://www.sodastream.com/ 

On January 27th, 2015 we had the pleasure to attend a SodaStream event on the rooftop of the legendary Gramercy Park Hotel. They held their event unlike many others that were canceled due to the recent snow storm.

SodaStream is proud to announce its collaboration with Chef Paul Liebrandt on their new flavor line, which launched on January 2015. Sparkling Gourmet will include twelve new innovative flavor combinations divided into three groups: herbs, fruits, and flowers, all using high-quality natural flavoring and only natural ingredients. This collection is a creative interpretation of SodaStream’s new ‘water made exciting’ brand positioning, which focuses on sparkling water and its enhancement with natural tastes and less sugar. 

Paul Liebrandt is one of the most influential chefs in New York and is celebrated as being an eccentric in his culinary style. The range translates his daring gastronomical approach into high-end flavor combinations, such as Green Apple and Cucumber, an interpretation of a summer’s day in an English Garden, and Sea Buckthorn, a northern European influence with gentle overtones of passion fruit and orange. Influenced by his international background, Paul Liebrandt’s flavor range is unique, sophisticated and in accord with a personal approach to ingredients and technique. 

SodaStream, an Israeli company wants to revamp after their initial IPO success with more of these unique marketing and branding events. They have more success and audience in Sweden around 25 % versus America currently at about 1%.
SodaStream will be facing more competition from Keurig, in which Coca-Cola has a sizable stake which plans to roll-out their own soda-making system next year.  Keurig "K-cup" systems  shows that consumers are willing to pay for convenience. Keurig machines and individual coffee ground cups are noticeably more expensive than the traditional home or office brewing system.

The invited press guests were given the SodaStream Source Metal Edition carbonated machine maker (0riginal machine) to take home with us. We had the opportunity to sample ourselves various drinks in the comfort of our own home. I am glad I came out to sample the fine drinks,  food and mingle with interesting people.