Yerelyn Cortez Hidalgo

Vice President of Content / Editor-in-Chief / Social Media Strategist

George Weisgerber III

Lifestyle Correspondent/Journalist/Presenter



Justyn Scott Goodman

Photographer / Correspondent


Robert Kamau


​Ali Stager

Clara V. Avalo

Tamara Lakic

Please Note: Any requests coming from any "freelancers" or people claiming they work at LUXXELIVING are not approved. The press requests can only come from Yerelyn Cortez Hidalgo. Nobody else has authorization to request press coverage. Any questions please e-mail


George Weisgerber III is a Correspondent and Journalist specifically conducting 1-on-1   interviews. He interviewed Broadway Show actress and singer N'Kenge from Motown on Broadway. He will be conducting more 1-on-1 interviews which will be showcased on LUXXELIVING. He has also been on television himself as a contestant and winner of VH1's "I LOVE NEW YORK" Season 2. He was one of Tiffany Pollards' Mom's pick of men (Mama's boys) and was given the name "Tailor Made".

Ali is a seasoned photographer with experience covering diverse events including launches, premieres, after-parties, shows and red carpet events. Her friendly personality is infectious and talent love taken photos from her.

Robert is an experienced photographer who currently covers a lot of street photography in New York City. He's an excellent and experienced photographer covering red carpet events.

Tamara Lakic is also one of our newest member of our team. She will be our graphic designer and videographer based out of South Florida.

Ms. Cortez Hidalgo comes from a Branding, Marketing and Social Media background and has worked on various verticals including the arts, design, fashion, hotels, museums, and luxury residential real estate developments. Working on these diverse verticals has given her an opportunity to attend many different events in New York City including art & gallery openings, design industry events, charity auctions and galas, fashion events and runway shows, film premieres and movie screenings, museum exhibit openings and launches for luxury residential real estate developments. Currently, Ms. Cortez Hidalgo is responsible for content marketing, branding, and design. She also oversees creation of engaging content for distribution across LUXXELIVING and social media platforms including Ello, Instagram, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. She manages a team of writers, lifestyle correspondents, photographers and video producers. 

Justyn Scott Goodman is our newest photographer and correspondent who is a staple in the fashion world attending an array of NYFW runway shows and after parties. Justyn fits perfectly with our luxury brand and we are happy he's part of the LUXXELIVING team.

Clara Avalo is our newest member of our team. She will be our South Florida Correspondent covering events in South Florida.