Mr. Davis is a creative and very talented photographer and videographer. He has traveled to over 25 countries, this has given him an opportunity to photograph the most amazing cities and countries all over the world. His detailed keen eye is astounding making him a positive contribution to the LUXXELIVING team.

George Weisgerber III is a Correspondent and Journalist specifically conducting 1-on-1   interviews. He interviewed Broadway Show actress and singer N'Kenge from Motown on Broadway. He will be conducting more 1-on-1 interviews which will be showcased on LUXXELIVING. He has also been on television himself as a contestant and winner of VH1's "I LOVE NEW YORK" Season 2. He was one of Tiffany Pollards' Mom's pick of men (Mama's boys) and was given the name "Tailor Made".

Mitchell Acks is a seasoned and senior writer with LUXXELIVING. He is one of our first writers and has come back to continue to write for some of our exclusive luxury events we are honored to be invited to attend and cover. Mitchell is detailed oriented and is able to capture the essence of an event by capturing details a normal writer may oversee. We are happy Michell is back at LUXXELIVING covering some of the best events in the New York DMA.

Ms. Cortez Hidalgo comes from a Branding, Marketing and Social Media background and has worked on various verticals including the arts, design, fashion, hotels, museums, and luxury residential real estate developments. Working on these diverse verticals has given her an opportunity to attend many different events in New York City including art & gallery openings, design industry events, charity auctions and galas, fashion events and runway shows, film premieres and movie screenings, museum exhibit openings and launches for luxury residential real estate developments.

Currently, Ms. Cortez Hidalgo is responsible for content marketing, branding, and writing. She also oversees creation of engaging content for distribution across LUXXELIVING and social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and YouTube. She manages a team of writers, lifestyle correspondents, photographers and video producers.

She's currently also a judge for The International Emmy Awards held in New York City in November. She's currently based in New York, Seattle and Washington, D.C. but still oversees events in different markets.

Zach is a talented artist and is experienced in art direction, design, directing, photography, producing, and videography. He is mainly responsible to cover events and shoots with photography and videography.

Update: Zach Herrington was a very talented actor, artist, photographer and videographer. He is no longer with us but will always be part of the LUXXELIVING team, hence why his Bio is still present and may he RIP. 

​​Yerelyn Cortez Hidalgo

Senior Writer / Editor / VP of Content / Social Media Strategist

George Weisgerber III

Lifestyle Correspondent/Journalist/Presenter



Zach Herrington

Photographer and Videographer

Bradley C. Davis

Senior Photographer and Videographer


Mitchell Acks

Senior Writer

​​​Please Note: Any requests coming from any "freelancers" or people claiming they work at LUXXELIVING are not approved. The press requests can only come from Yerelyn Cortez Hidalgo. Nobody else has authorization to request press coverage. Any questions please e-mail​​​