On Thursday, September 17th, 2015 the Red Carpet Film Premiere "99 HOMES" held at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 and the AFTER-PARTY took place at Shun Lee West Restaurant steps from Lincoln Center in the Upper West Side. Cast member Michael Shannon was the only main actor who made an appearance for both the red carpet premiere and after-party.

Some of the guests whom attended the premiere and after-party included executives from Broad Green Pictures, director Ramin Bahrani, Tim Guinee, Noah Lomax, Producers Ashok Amritraj and Kevin Turen, JC Chandor, Kelly Choi, Ron Claiborne, Sarita Choudhury, Karen Elson, Toni Garrn, Judith Giuliani, Jessica Joffe, Thomas Matthews, Stone Phillips, Paul Sparks, Oliver Stone, Michael Stuhlbarg, Gay Talese, Barbara Walters, Celia Weston, Patrick Wilson, and Theodora Woolley.

The full cast includes Andrew Garfield (Dennis Nash), Michael Shannon (Rick Carver), Laura Dern (Lynn Nash), Clancy Brown
(Mr. Freeman), Tim Guinee (Frank Green), J.D. Evermore (Mr. Tanner), Yvonne Landry (Frank's Neighbor), Noah Lomax (Connor Nash), Nicole Barré (Nicole Carver), Cullen Moss (Bill), Wayne Pére (Frank's Lawyer), Judd Lormand (Mr. Hester), Donna Duplantier (Mrs. Tidwell), Jordyn McDempsey (Mrs. Tidwell's Daughter), Gus Rhodes (Neighbor), John L. Armijo (John), Jayson Warner Smith (Jeff), Ann Mahoney (Mrs. Tanner), Juan Gaspard (Dennis's crew), Nadiyah Skyy Taylor (Tamika), Deneen Tyler (Baliff), Gretchen Koerner (Neighbor Friend), David Maldonado (Detective #1), Cynthia Santiago (Mrs. Green), Joni Bovill (Mrs. Moros), Carl Palmer (Sheriff #2), Albert C. Bates (Derek), Tom Bui (Millionaire Businessman), Manu Narayan (Khanna), Patrick Kearns (Neighbor), Jeff Pope (Evicted Man), Richard Holden (Judge), Robert Larriviere (Commissioner Arthur Link), Garrett Kruithof (Court Clerk), Randy Austin (Deputy Randy Anderson), Luke Sexton (Crew Leader), Cynthia LeBlanc (Mansion Partiers), Elton LeBlanc (Mansion Partier), Liann Pattison (Dayna), Michelle DeVito (Neighbor), Kerry Sims (Lawer), Adam Bailey (as John Tabler), Don Brady (Mr. Baldwin), Javier Molina (Javier), Jason Kirkpatrick (Tenant Husband), John Teal Jr. (Plumber / Husband), Isabella Campos (Motel Family (daughter), Jamie Elliott (Mansion Partier), Joseph Angelette (Justin), Logan Douglas Smith (Real Estate Agent), Caroline Bonin (Daughter of Suicide Victim), Joshua Tran (Millionaire guest), Felder Charbonnet (Police Officer), Alex Aristidis (Alex Greene), Beau Bogard (Beau) Dennis' construction neighbor, James E. Guidry (Dennis' Eviction Crew), MaryBeth Bonin (Wife of Suicide Victim) Bill Ross (Uncle Jimmy), Sharon Farmer (Lead of Dennis' Eviction Crew).

A timely thriller, when single father Dennis Nash (Golden Globe nominee Andrew Garfield) is evicted from his home, his only chance to win it back is to go to work for Rick Carver (Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon), the charismatic and ruthless businessman who evicted him in the first place. It’s a deal-with-the-devil that provides security for his family; but as Nash falls deeper into Carver’s web, he finds his situation grows more brutal and dangerous than he ever imagined.  

This story is very relevant to many people around the country facing eviction. The only difference being, Rick Carver (Michael Shannon) decides to take a spin on evicting the owners of those homes for his personal advantage. Andrew Garfield (Dennis Dash) decides to do whatever it takes in order to put his family back together and get their home back. His only immediate solution is to join Rick Carver (Michael Shannon) by working for him and help him evict other people as well. Laure Dern plays Denni's mother who mainly takes care of his son. All main characters Andrew Garfield, Laura Dern and Michael Shannon did a great job portraying their characters which gave a believable story on the screen. We recommend for people to see this film as it covers current reality in our nation and splendid performances by the actors.



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Broad Green Pictures Executives and some members of the cast of 99 HOMES.

Photo Credit—Dave Allocca/StarPix

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