LuxxeLiving: Where do you get inspiration from? 

Karen Margolis: I begin with the circle, the most basic component in existence; it is a molecule, a neurotransmitter and an Enso, which is a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism, embodying infinity and perfection. I'm attracted to its mystical elements as well as the paradox of imperfection and reinterpret the circle in both positive and negative space as a shared language connecting physical to psychological. As my primary means of communication, I expand the circle's vocabulary through architecture and color, imbue it with meaning as well as encrypt it to obfuscate comprehension. My work embraces oppositions, positive and negative, materiality and space, dynamic and static and explores the beauty in what is blemished.

More of Margolis' work can be found on her website, or through the Garis and Hahn Gallery Karen Margolis is currently in Paris with Sophie Hahn and Mary Garis for Fiac Week at Zurcher Salon in the Marais district where her work will be featured.

Photos courtesy of LUXXELIVING and M Missoni.

The aesthetic of the Caribbean was alive and well last October 16 at the M Missoni flagship store on West Broadway. A glittering, invite-only event; guests were served champagne, Missoni signature cocktails, and an array of hors d'oeuvres on silver platters as they weaved through the brand's 2015 Resort Collection. A curatorial collaboration with up and coming artist, Karen Margolis, the floor was decorated with Margolis' gorgeous wire scultpures, each meticulously hand-painted in vibrant Missoni colors. The dark blues, sunset oranges, soft pinks, and rich purples of the sculptures were translated into the delicate resort wear. Everything whispered of understated luxury; and an organic, sea-like quality.

LuxxeLiving gets up-close-and-personal with artist Karen Margolis, who so generously answered all of our questions.

LuxxeLiving: How did your collaboration with Missoni come about? What was it about Missoni's aesthetic that resounded with you and your art?

Karen Margolis: Actually, missoni saw my work and saw the connection right away...they collaborated with my dealers, Garis & Hahn, who initially arranged the collaboration. I then met with Missoni and I liked what they had to say about their designs and felt that we shared some of the same inspirations. My inspirations come from nature and science, more through what cannot be seen and what is over looked, such as the beauty in aging and cracked surfaces.

LuxxeLiving: What was it like working with the Missoni team? What was the creative process like?

Karen Margolis: It was a fun experience working with Missoni; we did not directly interact in terms of the creative process. I created my work for their windows, but it is work that I have been creating for years...I see how fashion is taking inspiration more and more from art and I'm very excited to have my work inspire fashion.

Artist Karen Margolis and Fashion House M Missoni Collaborate for

2015 Resort Collection

By Isel Garcia